Saturday, December 15, 2012

My last days in Hong Kong

This is my last blog post from Hong Kong (no 3). It has been a fantastic holiday these past few weeks and to top it off on my last days before I had to leave I headed out to The Peak and Macau. I was lucky to get pretty good weather for viewing the Peak too. I managed to find the right number bus to take me up there (15) which I recommend over the tram, being more expensive and you don't see as much. It only took me about 30 min for us to reach the top. The view is pretty good up there and on a clear day you can see all of the city even to our apartment in Tung Chung. If you want to get right up the top you need to purchase a ticket from the ground floor lobby but it only costs $30HK about $3.50 Australian. It's obviously better looking if you go at night too.

It was pretty high up and very windy. Afterwards I got the Peak tram back down which took about 5 minutes. What I highly recommend is when you get off at the bottom, take the bus back to the Star Ferry terminal and try to get one that is double Decker with no roof. It's great to sit up the top and take photos of the architecture and people you get a different perspective of it all.

 This was taken from the top of the bus waiting in peak hour traffic.

On the 2nd last day I got up early to hop on the ferry to Macau. The ferry ride over there only took 1 hour and the inside of the ferry resembled the inside of a plane. They even gave us a meal which wasn't too bad. I bought the super ticket which costs more but is worth it if you want more legroom to stretch and better views. You can also buy an economy ticket but I don't think you get a meal and you are crammed in below with everyone else and it gets very loud. I mainly went over to Macau to check out their architecture and it was quite nice. Although it was very busy when I arrived, I tried to find the more colourful Portuguese inspired buildings.

This was around  senado square near the visitors centre.
They had a Christmas theme in the square and you can't tell but there were tourists everywhere!

St Pauls Ruins not far from the center of town.

I did check out the casinos and their interiors which were over the top extravagant inside.
One in particular I liked was "The Venetian" It has fake canals with gondola rides and a shopping mall with sky for the ceiling.

 This one is called the Grand Lisboa, It was quite grand on the outside indeed.

Not long after it was time to head back to Hong Kong on the ferry again.

My last day was very relaxed I packed my bags for the airport and went out for a hike to see the Tung Chung Skyline one last time. The hike passed the Ngong Ping Cable car ride that takes you right up to the big Buddha.

It was a perfect day to go up there 

Then it was time to leave for the airport.

 What a trip it has been, I've seen some amazing sights, meet some wonderful people and eaten yummy food. I have to thank my wonderful cousin Paul and his partner Tracey for letting me stay at their apartment. You guy's rock! but before I end this post I wanted to post a few extra images that didn't fit into my post but I like them all the same. Thanks everyone, till next time.

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  1. Very nice Post about Hong Kong and Macau. I'm very glad to still see Portuguese Heritage in Macau with the Hotel Grand Lisboa.

    Best regards.
    Luis Pina