Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hey everyone I finally sorted out my internet and my shitty computer and now I can post on my blog during my trip. Sorry about the delay guy's. The weather has been mostly wet this past week but we should be getting better weather soon. Wow Hong Kong is Awesome, from the moment I stepped off the plane to now there's so much to see it realy is a sensory overload, I'm staying with my cousin Paul and his partner for my trip and they have been fantastic to me. They are located in a town called Tung Chung only 25min train ride to the city.

By the way I'm posting this from a very slow netbook that is not colour calibrated nor does it run any decient photo editing programs except Picasa. So you will have to excuse my bad editing. Anyway.

Here is a glimpse of where I'm staying. We're in the middle section :)

We are on an island just off Hong Kong Island called Lantau Island. If you like shopping then you'll love Hong Kong. I have never seen so many Malls dedicated to clothes before!

One thing I absolutely love here is the public transport. It just works. You rarely have to wait for a train and if you do, it's 5 min max, there's never delays, It's safe any time of the day and it's pretty cheap. Oh and the best part is the card system works everytime! Not like Myki in Australia.

Oh did I mention that you can't fall onto the tracks either because of these automatic station doors :D

It's definately a place for street photography with some interesting charactors and stories around every corner. I have been mostly shooting street and the usual touristy photos as well.

I have also checked out their abundant amount of markets here too. Just today I checked out Sham Shui Po. They have a ton or second hand and new wares from frest meat to old vinyl records.

People love their pet's here and you can always find them around their owners feet in their store.

Anyway this is only a glimpse of what Hong Kong is like, I still would love to check out their islands before I go. I will try to post in a few days with some more images and hopefully some Portraits too.

BTW I had intended to post some images from my first few days here except I had recorded them in Raw not Jpeg + Raw and my computer can't handle any editing of raw files, so now I will record both to save myself the hastle of editing them, not that you needed to know that ;)  Take care guy's. Kylie

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