Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hong Kong continues...

Hello as I'm nearing the end of my trip this Wednesday I thought I would post some portraits from Hong Kong and some more street images too.

It has been so fantastic to visit this place. I have met some wonderful people and had some awesome meals as well. I will post one more time before I come home because I'm heading out to a place on the border of china called Macau. It's Portuguese inspired so the place has many influences in the architecture and currency too. It also has a massive casino that I just have to check out, not that I gamble but it would be fun to take photos in there.

These photos that I'm posting now are from a few places around Hong Kong.

I was shooting with some friends a few days ago and this guy came out of the restaurant's back door to see what we were doing. I asked if I could take his portrait and he said yes.

We were walking down near Shanghai street where they have a street market and noticed these ladies having a snooze in their truck before they started work.

This guy was eager to say hello at a construction site whilst walking around Temple street market area.

I found it baffling how she could talk through the mask with all of the noise around too.

I was also lucky to get some nice weather when I took the ferry to Tai O yesterday. I actually missed the ferry but they called it back for me in the nick of time, they were great.

Tai O is a tiny little fishing village about 30min ferry ride from Tung Chung. I also checked out the smaller villages surrounding Tai O which were very interesting. I met some very friendly villagers with their pet dogs.

This was a bridge that crossed Tai O with one of the surrounding villages. The mode of transport is very relaxed here compared to the city in Hong Kong.
One of the friendly villagers that sold his cured meats to locals and tourists.
Just a close up of a door I found wandering around, reminded me of the suns rays.

Tai O from a distance

Tai O's locals

Now for a tiny splash of colour. I took the bus from Tai O into Ngong Ping where the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery is located. Instead of showing images of the big buddah, I thought I would post some different detail photos that I liked from the day. A word to anyone that goes up there. Make sure you go early during the week because it gets busy up there in the afternoon.

I thought I would end this post with one last image I thought it was funny.

Thanks for reading guys oh and before I go, if you get the chance to eat up there go to the restruarant for only $70 HK dollars you can get a fantastic and very large meal (Vegitarian of course)

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