Monday, September 3, 2012

Long awaited post, sorry guy's

Hey if anyone's reading this I'm not dead, I'm sorry I have been away since the beginning of August. I had some stuff on my plate that I had to take care of including problems with my throat that I'm trying to manage now and heaps of assignments to name a few. I also have to make a short film which has been taking up most of the time sorting out the details and left me with not a lot of time to photograph for myself or this project. Excuses aside I should have some new Street portraits up within a few weeks. It's been so hectic at the moment with my schedule as I'm planning for a trip overseas to Hong Kong for a 2 weeks holiday in November. My awesome Cousin and his Partner have been very generous to let me stay with them for that time. I can't wait! Thanks so much guy's I appreciate it :)

There is so much to tell since the last post. I finally received my Mini Moo cards dedicated to this project/blog and they are sweet. I also have sneakily printed my other photography details on the back just in case they are interested in my services.   Here are some images of the cards :) 

I love the black and white combo. I finally bought a portrait lens for my Om-d too, so I can't wait to test it out it's so tiny and light. Anyway happy shooting to all. Till next time, Kylie

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